Zhongcai Securities’ margin trading service offers to clients flexible margin facility.  Such service ensures clients to capture every investment opportunity with additional funds for investment in designated stocks*. With additional funds of up to 70% of the prevailing market value of stocks holdings, clients will be able to earn higher potential returns.  Interest will be calculated based on the daily outstanding amount and settled on a monthly basis, hence to lower clients’ cost of investment.

*Download the Marginable Stocks List

Services to be launched later.

When applications are made via Zhongcai Securities, we will arrange subscription for the IPO shares on your behalf.  All you need is to maintain a securities account with us to use this service. The allotted IPO shares will be directly credited to your securities account on the allotment day, you can then trade your shares on the first listing day.

When client subscribes IPO shares, he can Increase investment capabilities and hence higher chance of allocated shares.  IPO Loans are offered to clients up to 90% of the value of shares subscribed.

Services to be launched later.

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