1. Zhongcai Securities Limited (“ZSL”) collects personal information from customers through several means. Information held by ZSL relating to customers will be kept confidential and customers agree that ZSL may provide information received from customers to the following persons:

* any member of ZSL; 

* any nominee in whose name securities or other property may be registered; 

* any contractor, agent or service provider which provides administrative, data processing, computer, telecommunications, payment or securities clearing, financial, professional or other services to any member of ZSL; 

* any person with whom ZSL enters into or proposes to enter into transactions on behalf of customers, or persons representing the same; 

* any assignee, transferee, participant, sub-participant, delegate, successor or person to whom customer accounts is/are transferred; 

* any business partner of any member of ZSL; and 

* governmental, regulatory or other bodies or institutions, whether as required by law, regulations or other rules applicable to any member of ZSL. 

2. The purposes for which the data provided by customers from time to time may be used for are:

* the facilities and daily operation of the services provided to customers; 

* giving effect to and carrying out of customer’s instructions; 

* providing services in connection with customer accounts, whether the services are provided by or through any member of ZSL or any other person; 

* conducting credit inquiries or checks on customers and ascertaining customer’s financial situation and investment objectives, and enabling or assisting any other person so to do; 

* collection of amounts due, enforcement of security, charge or other rights and interests in favor of any member of ZSL; 

* marketing existing and future services or products of any member of ZSL or any other business partners may be subject; 

* forming part of the records of the person or member of ZSL to whom the data may be passed; 

* observing any legal, regulatory or other requirements to which any member of ZSL or any other persons may be subject; and 

* other purposes related or incidental to any one or more of the above. 

3. ZSL shall at all times observe the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and save as specified herein, keep customer’s information confidential.

4. ZSL may use the data customers supplied for direct marketing purposes. Customers may request in writing, without charge to customers, that ZSL cease using the data for such purpose.

5. By browsing this site and communicating electronically with ZSL, customers agree to the processing of customer’s personal data in the way described herein, and, by continuing to use this site following the posting of any changes to these terms will signify customer’s consent to such changes.

Information and fraud Prevention:

Zhongcai Securities Limited (“ZSL”) places a lot of emphasis on protection against fraud. As a result, we have implemented a series of measures to protect our customers. Once you discover any suspicious transactions or find any irregularities in your account, or suspect that your account may be a victim of fraud, please call our customer service hotline at (852) 27030080.

Please note that we will only obtain your personal information via the designated communication channels and will never ask you for passwords on other occasions. To protect your interests, we recommend that you (i) keep your password at a safe place and change it on a regular basis; (ii) ensure that the website you visit is the Zhongcai Securities Website; and (iii) verify in advance the identity of the person or organisation requesting the relevant information from you. When in doubt, do not disclose any information and immediately contact to our company.

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